Support the Y

strengthening community is our cause.

Every day, we work with our members, volunteers and neighbors to bring lasting and meaningful change to Northwest Florida. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive through programs that connect them with others.

In 2016,we reached more than 12,000 peoplein Northwest Florida. During that year,we provided $488,800 in community benefitto men, women and children right here in our own neighborhoods throughmission-based outreach. That totalincludesdirect financial assistance, subsidies, facility use, community outreach and education. We alsoengaged 390 volunteers, who collectively provided us with$188,228 in time and talentto make our programs possible.

As part of our values commitment, our facilities are used for worship and Bible study and as a program and meeting place for other non-profits who need a place to gather to pursue their mission. We want to be a good community partner – both inside and outside our walls.

Our youth sports celebrate the spirit of the game with programs where youth learn the rules and techniques, but also learn good sportsmanship, teamwork and respect for coaches and the other team. Thelessons we teach in Y sportsgo far beyond the court and the field.They are life lessonsthat will serve kids for years to come.

The idea ofmembership is central to the Y mission. Central also are the final two words of our mission:“for all.”We believe that the opportunity to build healthy spirit, mind and body is an opportunity that must be accessible to everyone, so we are committed to providing financial assistance to all in need, so that, together, we can all grow stronger. On average,about 15% of our members receive some sort of financial assistance with membership. We especially reach out to those who are new to exercise, the physically and mentally challenged and those overcoming addiction or facing difficult transitions in their lives.

Our Mission: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.