Membership Changes

At the Y, we want membership to be easy. We know that life brings with it many changes, and your membership needs to change with you. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to make the following changes electronically.

DO NOT sign into your account to make these changes.A request for a change or cancellation is made by signing and submitting one of the following forms.

membership changes and cancellations should be submitted 7 days prior to draft date.

Click the green button to CHANGE your membership in any of these ways:

  • UPGRADE membership: An Adult, Senior or Young Adult can upgrade to a Household by adding a second adult and all dependent children living in the same household.
  • DOWNGRADE membership: A Household can remove additional members to change to an individual membership type.
  • HOLD ("freeze") membership: You can put your membership on hold (sometimes referred to as "freezing" your membership) for 30, 60 or 90 days, with no charge, whenever needed. Hold dates must coincide with draft dates. If you have special circumstances and need more than 90 days, please see a membership team member.

Click the blue button to CANCEL your membership:

  • CANCEL membership: When changes mean that you are ready to end your membership, we need just three days’ notice before your draft date to cancel. If you return to the Y within 90 days of canceling, you won’t pay a Joiner’s Fee. If you are moving out of the area, ask for a letter indicating you are a member in good standing, and most Y’s will waive your Joiner’s Fee when you join there.
  • Payment method update: You can also update your payment method yourself by accessing your membership account online. The button below will direct you to sign into your account. To sign in to your account, simply type in your phone number or email address.
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