April Exercising Together

The Kettlebell

In 1704, the Russians made the kettlebell. Have your used one before? Do you know the benefits of using a kettlebell?

Benefits of using a kettlebell:

  • All-in-one total body conditioning
  • Improves core strength and stability
  • Improves balance
  • The shape makes it more challenging that dumbbells.

The YMCA offers a class that uses a kettlebell. Come try Kettlebell AMPD with Personal Trainer Nina on Wednesday at noon. Kettlebell AMPD is a fun, heart-pumping group fitness experience format integrating kettlebell weights with upbeat music .

Using choreographed moves and traditional strength training, the workout engages the entire body for 60 minutes of calorie-torching fun. The program uses lightweight kettlebells, in both traditional and non-traditional ways, for an effective full-body workout.

Combining the benefits of strength training, functional movements and cardiovascular exercise, this is a safe and effective group fitness workout for all ages and fitness levels.

Jacob's Ladder

Have you had a chance to check out the newest piece of equipment at the Bear Levin Studer Y? The Jacob's Ladder is on the cardio side of the basketball courts as you walk through the door. Many of you have already said you love it, and we are excited to hear that. Our wellness staff is always looking for new experiences for our members, and we thought you might enjoy this one. If you would like a demonstration or assistance with how to use the Jacob's Ladder safely and correctly, please see a trainer or wellness staff for help getting set up. Be ready to feel the results on this climb. What other equipment would you like to see? We'd love to hear from you.

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