Y is for YES - Santa Rosa Penny Referendum

Why is the Y for YES?

This is a great question, and one we get pretty often. Why are we involved in this effort?

First, the YMCA has more than 5,000 residents of Santa Rosa County participating in some part of our recreation, wellness, or childcare programs.

These families care about their community and want the same things we all want: a clean, safe, healthy community. The Yes for a Penny Referendum will go a long way toward providing that for all Santa Rosa County residents. It’s about good citizenship.

But that’s not the only reason the Y is for YES.

If approved, the referendum allocates specific funding for improved recreation, health and wellness facilities in Santa Rosa County. The YMCA has been asked to partner with Santa Rosa County to bring expanded health, wellness, recreation, and childcare services to the community. The facilities for these expanded programs could be funded, in whole or in part, by the local option sales tax revenues.

In essence, the Yes for a Penny funds could help build a new Y in Santa Rosa County, or free up other funds to expand existing YMCA or health and wellness facilities in the county.

There are still plenty of details to be worked out, but we know that there is a tremendous need for more health and wellness, childcare, water safety, and senior programs in Santa Rosa County. We’re hopeful that the Y can be a part of that.

So, that’s why the Y is for YES. Here’s how you can help:

  • Forward this email to your friends and neighbors, and ask them to vote Yes for a Penny.

  • Follow the Y on Facebook to keep up with the latest information on the Y is for YES campaign.

  • Request your ballot-by-mail and vote at your convenience, or make a plan to vote YES for a Penny on October 8.

You can see more details about the Yes for a Penny project plans at this link.

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