Smart Start: Getting the Results You Want

What is Smart Start?

The Smart Start program offers members up to four sessions with a trained wellness coach who will help you identify your health and wellness goals and create strategies to pursue those goals. Your coach will work with you to develop a simple plan and provide support to move you toward success.

What is the benefit of Smart Start?

Members who attend their first Smart Start session within the first two weeks of joining the Y are six times more likely to achieve their goals. Without the proper support system, 85% of people who try an exercise program alone will not succeed. Your coach will listen to you and help you build confidence without feeling overwhelmed.

Who should participate in Smart Start?

If you are new or returning to exercise, recovering from an injury or illness, or simply are stuck in a rut with your current program, Smart Start is specifically designed for you. Regardless of where you are in your wellness journey, our coaches will help you make the most of your Y membership by helping you create a personalized road map for success.

What should I expect?

Session 1: PLAN

We will talk about where you are now; identify your goals, interests, and challenges; and help you create a plan to get started. Expect to spend about an hour at the Y, half talking and half moving. Come dressed for activity. Complete this session and earn Y swag to use at your future workouts.

Sessions 2 & 3: LEARN

Your wellness coach will walk you through all the components of your plan - whether it's taking you to your first group fitness class, meeting the aquatics team, or showing you a new routine on the wellness floor. Expect to spend about 30 minutes with your coach, building on the foundation of the workout you began in your first session. Ideally, we'd like to complete your first three sessions within three weeks. After session 3, you'll earn a $25 credit to spend on the Y program of your choice.

Session 4: EVALUATE

About one month after session 3, we want to hear how it's going. We will review your progress, compare it to your goals and make any changes necessary. Expect to spend about 15-30 minutes with your coach.

How do I sign up?

Smart Start includes four wellness coaching sessions valued at $150, but included with your membership at no cost to you. See a member of our Welcome Center staff or Wellness team to schedule your session today; or complete our short interest form below.

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