The Y is for Yes

On Tuesday, October 8, 2019, the voters of Santa Rosa County will cast their ballots on a measure to help fund important infrastructure, public safety, and quality of life needs.

This referendum would add a penny on the dollar for most retail purchases and some services in Santa Rosa County to pay for these improvements. Like other counties in our area, these extra pennies on purchases are made by everyone, including tourists and visitors, not just residents. These funds help to build fire stations, buy upgraded equipment for first responders, and build parks, community centers, and bike paths.

The YMCA of Northwest Florida is supporting this effort through theY is for YEScampaign.

Why are we doing this?

Well, we believe that safer roads, better flood control, more sports and wellness options, and upgraded public safety equipment are good for any community, including ours!

We also support the Yes for a Penny Referendum because, if passed, it will open the door for the YMCA to explore ways to expand Y programs, services, and even possibly facilities in Santa Rosa County.

In essence, county leaders would use some of this new funding to help build facilities that would bring more health and wellness, child care, water safety, and senior programs to the communities of Santa Rosa County. And the Y could help deliver those services.

This is an exciting opportunity for the Y and Santa Rosa County. Our market studies show that there is a tremendous need for these programs and services in the fast-growing communities of Pace, Gulf Breeze, and Navarre. But this exciting partnership can only happen if voters in Santa Rosa pass the referendum.

TheY is for YEScampaign is our effort to connect with Y members and participants and to make sure they are educated about the referendum and registered to vote. We are excited about the chance to advocate for healthy communities, youth development, and a better quality of life.

In the coming weeks, you may hear or see more from us on this effort. We hope you will join us in this campaign to improve the quality of life in Santa Rosa County.

Want to get involved? Here are some things you can do right now:

Thank you for supporting the Y, and stay tuned for more updates on why theY is for YES.

Our Mission: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.