Staff Member Spotlight

Lori Rudd

Lori has been an outstanding Site Director for the Northeast Branch After-School Program. Since April 2018, she’s been a terrific leader and role model for our staff and the children in the program. We caught up with her this month to ask her a few questions:

What is your role at the Y?

As an After-School Care Site Director, I supervise our counselors who work directly with the children in the after-school care program. I interact with the children, their parents, and our Childcare Director to ensure that every child has their needs met in a caring and safe environment.

What do you enjoy most about being on staff at the Y?

I work with really terrific people who have a heart for children and a desire to serve our community.

If you could be any animal what would you be?

A dolphin. They are smart, playful, and fierce protectors of their young. I love the beach and all water activities!

Tell us about an interesting experience you have related to your work:

As if we don’t have enough messes to clean up on any given day, I decided to do a project with the kids focused on forensic science using fingerprint dust. I’m still trying to mop up that powder six months later!

What do you really do at the Y?

I do my best to keep my two supervisors, four counselors and 160+ parents happy by corralling the 80+ children who arrive after school tired, hungry, cranky, yet full of energy! I also play pickle ball and kickball!

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