November - From The Director's Desk

On one holiday hand, your pumpkin is probably still sitting on your porch. On the other holiday hand, Christmas stuff is filling retail and craft stores, while some area radio stations are eager to launch a 24/7 holiday music schedule. Here at the Y, we want to be sure that somewhere between the jack-o-lanterns and mistletoe, we make time to celebrate the season of thanks.

We like to call it “thanks for giving” – a message of appreciation to all those people who make the YMCA experience possible: to our loyal members; to the parents who trust us with the care of their children; to our dedicated volunteers who serve selflessly; to our partners who collaborate with us; and to our generous donors who make our mission impact possible.

In this season of thanks, we are grateful to the 387 donors who have collectively given $165,000 to our Annual Campaign, which enables us to say yes to every child, adult and family who wants to be a part of our Y family, regardless of their financial situation. Every gift matters in our ability to deliver on that promise.

On a simpler level, we’d like to share a list of ideas to help you practice daily gratitude this month.

  • Be grateful for family. – Turn off the TV for 30 minutes and take a neighborhood walk with your teenager. And just listen.
  • Be grateful for your freedom. – Watch for members of our armed services. Offer to buy one something to eat or drink to thank him or her for serving.
  • Be grateful for a full closet. – Next time you go shopping, buy an extra sweatshirt or socks or PJ’s. Give them away. (New ones, now, not just your castoffs.)
  • Be grateful for your transportation. – In the parking lot faceoff, let the other guy have the rock star parking spot.
  • Be grateful for a clean environment. – Instead of walking over that piece of trash, pick it up and throw it away.
  • Be grateful for a full pantry. – Join your fellow Ymembers by bringing in some nonperishable donations for our holiday food drives.
  • Be grateful for the work of others. – Next time you get really good service, take a few minutes, find the manager, and give positive feedback.
  • Be grateful for neighbors. – Next week on trash day, roll your trash can and the one belonging to the guy next door to the curb.
  • Be grateful for literacy. – Take a few minutes to write a card to someone who needs a kind word, just because.
  • Be grateful for life. – Call your parents. Thank them. Apologize for not calling more often. Repeat as necessary.

From all of us at the YMCA: Happy Thanksgiving!

Our Mission: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.