November - Health Hub

Mental health has become an important component of overall well-being. It's a topic that impacts all of us, either personally or through our friends and loved ones. We'll explore the importance of mental health, talk statistics, discuss effective ways to treat and maintain it, and highlight the role of community and group fitness classes at our YMCA.

The Alarming Statistics:
According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness, in Florida, nearly one in five adults struggles with mental health issues, 41% of adults in Florida have experienced symptoms of depression and anxiety, while 25%of those individuals did not get needed counseling or therapy.

The Importance of Seeking Help:
Recognizing when you might need help is one of the first steps in treating mental health concerns. Getting support from family or professionals when you experience feelings of anxiety, depression, or overwhelming stress is very helpful. Treatment could involve therapy or counseling sessions. At the start, asking for help can be scary, but it really is a wonderful space, because the sessions offer a safe and confidential place to talk about your thoughts and feelings. Therapists can help you understand your emotions, identify strategies, and develop tools to manage depression and anxiety.

Self-Care and Prevention, How the Y Can Help:
Another step is to address lifestyle factors, like regular exercise, a balanced diet, adequate sleep, and stress management techniques like meditation. Finding your sense of community can greatly improve your mental health. At the Y, we offer community support through fitness classes such as Run Club with Jenny, Water Aerobics with Lorrie, and Bootcamp with Amelia. Studies show that taking part in activities you love and building relationships with others can increase serotonin and dopamine in your brain. Remember, your mental health deserves the same attention as your physical health. Don't hesitate to seek help and support when needed, as there are effective treatments available. Together we can address the concerning statistics and work towards a healthier, more resilient Pensacola community.

If you are having thoughts of suicide, or have concerns about a loved one, please call the suicide and crisis lifeline: 988

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