Member Spotlight

Fred &Sandra Bundy

In 1990 a YMCA membership promotion brought Fred and Sandra Bundy into the YMCA Northeast branch. They joined and have been members ever since-29 years!

The Northeast Y has played a vital role in keeping the couple active and healthy. The two walk close to a mile to the branch and back home four or five times per week to work out and socialize with a group of other members that have become close friends over the years.

When their grandson, Brayden, turned 3 he began playing various youth sports- t-ball, soccer and flag football through the Y. He also made great friends and credits his time in Y sports as serving as the foundation for his subsequent sport pursuits. The Northeast Y became a family affair for many years for the Bundy's.

Although the proximity to the Y is very convenient for the Bundy’s, that’s not the primary reason they keep coming to the Y. Over the last three decades the friends they’ve made through their membership have become their community. “There are cheaper gyms in the area, but the Y is so much more than just a gym. If you’re looking for a place where you feel that you’re involved and giving back to your community,the Y is the place for you.”

Is it any wonder Fred and Sandra love the Northeast Y? Fred worked for the company that provided the steel to build this branch! “He literally had a hand in building this Y!”

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