January - Exercising Together

Over the years, I have done more than a hundred Smart Starts, orientations, tours, and assessments. My favorite question was and still is, “What classes have you considered taking?” Not “Do you want to take classes?” or “How do you feel about classes?” The most popular answer is, “I really just want to work out and use the machines.”

The statement is also followed by a list of goals that the person would like to accomplish: Weight loss, toning, better balance, endurance, more strength, flexibility, and accountability. The beauty in this answer is that all these things can be accomplished in a class setting 23 times faster than exercising alone.

Numerous studies have shown that there are benefits to attending class that debunk the myth that you must be “this good” to be in a class. Most people assume that you much reach a certain fitness level before you can take a class, implying that no one ever took a first class or ever was a beginner.

Classes actually offer the newcomer some advantages to accomplishing their goals more effectively and safer than going into an exercise regimen alone. Proper form is essential to preventing injury and offering results. Your instructor can assist you in making sure that you are performing the activity correctly. Our instructors help you to better understand body positioning to maximize results. Are you doing a movement wrong? Maybe. A group exercise instructor is perfectly suited to assess your form.

Of course, you are going to get motivation from being around your peers, the feeling of being part of a community, added variety to your routine, and the accountability of signing up for a class and holding space for yourself. There also are hidden benefits to attending a class. Classes offer a quicker, more functionally safe environment that research shows makes you 40% more likely to adhere to the goals that you have set and 37% more likely to maintain a routine and try more challenging workouts than you would if you were to try by yourself.

So, what classes have you considered taking??

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