Health Focus

Five Summer Health Tips

Summer brings with it a wealth of opportunities to shake up our routines. It's a time when we travel, try new activities, maybe even have a different schedule altogether - all of which can lead us to forget things we normally do to stay healthy.

At the Y, we are here to encourage you to keep you and your family healthy this summer with these tips.

1) Make sure you are staying hydrated. Drink water throughout the day and especially during outside activities, even if you are just hanging out at the beach. The U.S. National Research Council recommends eight to ten eight-ounce glasses per day. Another way is divide your body weight in half by pounds and drink that many ounces in water daily. Drink up, Y friends.

2) Protect the largest organ of your body, your skin! Sunscreen is always a plus and keeps us from those painful sunburns. Try using the waterproof kind, and always reapply. Due to everyone having different allergies and skin sensitivities, read labels to find the sunscreen best for you. You can also try wearing light weight and light colored long sleeve shirts. A fashionable floppy hat or ball cap is always a win.

3) Sleep, because you need it. Summer is a time for traveling and different fun activities that may keep us up past our normal bedtimes. Most experts recommend 7-9 hours of sleep for adults. This is the time your body heals itself, among other functions. A good night’s sleep can affect how we look, feel and perform. Rest up, buttercup!

4) Stick with it! Do your best to stick with your normal exercise routine. Even when you travel, check to see if there is a Y nearby. Take advantage of Nationwide Membership and check out a YMCA in the town you are visiting. Nowadays most hotels have fitness centers you can take advantage of as well. Stay sweaty for summer.

5) Snack it up with healthy choices like fruit. Watermelon is a summertime favorite and can be eaten in many different ways. Another yummy and tropical choice is mango. Both are very hydrating and full of vitamin A and C. So skip the cookies and go for the fruit!!

Most of all enjoy your summer and stay healthy!

Our Mission: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.