Exercising Together

Banish Boredom & Boost Motivation

The Bear Levin Studer YMCA offers many ways to help you achieve your wellness goals. In addition to the interactive programs on the cardio machines, Smart Start with wellness coaches, and highly motivated group fitness instructors, we offer walking and running clubs.

Activity groups such as these are open to all members (our walking club is even open to the community), and have been known to improve many aspects of wellness. The dynamics and social cohesion of walking and running groups keep you encouraged and help you maintain your positive outlook towards exercise.

Our YMCA Walking Club is led by the energetic and sweet-spirited Melanie Paul. Melanie leads both YMCA members and residents of Southtowne Apartments through a scenic short walk in the downtown area. Walking groups are effective and safe with wide-ranging health benefits. Walking is the most highly recommended method of exercise for individuals of the sedentary lifestyle as well as fitness novices. It’s easy and doesn’t cost money. The Walking Club could be a promising addition to your other fitness endeavors. It’s a low–impact form of exercise with an uplifting social component that will enhance your overall wellness.

If you’re looking for a boost in motivation, put on your walking shoes and join the YMCA walking club. Walking Club meets in the lobby on Tuesday at 8:30 am. All levels of walkers are welcome.

Feeling a bit more pep in your step? The Thursday night Running Club, led by Troy Floyd and Tammy McKinney, may be the right fit for you! When we join a group fitness activity, we motivate each other, achieve new goals and have fun together. Although Running USA has reported a decline in recreational race running, the popularity of running clubs has increased around the globe.

Troy and Tammy are experienced runners who have run numerous local and national races. They both carry a wealth of knowledge to share and understand the sense of accountability, community, and motivation the Running Club offers. Re-discover the downtown area while they lead you through a scenic route. The pace and distance is at your discretion.

The Running Club meets in the lobby and leaves at approximately 6 pm. All paces and levels of joggers and runners are welcome.

Joining a club gives you platform to connect and socialize with like-minded fitness enthusiasts while moving toward your goals. The YMCA Running and Walking Clubs are free to join, non-competitive, informative and fun.

These clubs allow you to join an exercise community that provides safety and support. Melanie, Troy and Tammy are the pace setters, and everyone in the group looks out for each other. Boost your confidence and motivation and banish the opportunity for boredom to set in. Join the YMCA Walking or Running Club.

Our Mission: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.