Exercising Together

The Body Challenge

The Body Challenge at the Betty J. Pullum Family YMCA is a great way to get involved with a personal trainer in a small group setting. The Body Challenge is offered year round and runs from two weeks to three months, depending on the time of year you sign up. This is a practical way to benefit from personal training because of the economic value of 4-8 members sharing costs of the sessions.

Cost won’t be the only thing that you share with your Body Challenge group. Sharing the workout enhances the experience, building bonds that last longer than the program. Everyone works together at his or her own level. From beginner to advanced, your workouts will change or evolve as you progress, which makes each session all-inclusive. When you work at your level alongside a supportive team, you stay motivated. Accountability and consistency are keys to success.

Each trainer brings their own style to the group. You choose your trainer, and the journey begins. It is a commitment to yourself, your trainer and your group that aids with this accountability. Research shows that people involved in group programs are more likely stick with it.

The next Body Challenge groups start again in the fall. Contact Autumn Navarro for more information.

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