Exercising Together

Les Mills CXWORX

Looking for an effective core workout that gets the job done in 30 minutes? The Betty J. Pullum Y offers Les Mills CXWORX classes. Since your core is the center and powerhouse of your body and where most all functional movement is supported, keeping it strong and toned is vitally important.

CXWORX is a 30 minute core blasting class that uses bands, plates, a mat and your own body weight for resistance. We work the core in many different ways during the 30 minutes: planks, crunches, different uses of the resistance bands and we use plates to drive home core strengthening. As with any group fitness classes there are plenty of ways to modify the exercises and beginners as well as seasoned trainers are welcome.

You will find the CXWORX classes on the Pullum Group Fitness schedule on Tuesdays at 7pm and Wednesdays at 5pm. If you are looking for a full hour workout join us for a 30 minute Body Combat at 6:30pm on Tuesday right before CXWORX; or on Wednesday we paired it with ZUMBA at 4:30pm! CXWORX is a great workout that really works the core and you will feel it the next day.

In May Pullum will host a training for certification in this Les Mills class and then more classes can be added to the schedule.

This is a great opportunity to try something new and give your core the strengthening workout it needs to support your whole body and burn a ton of calories. See you there!

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