December Exercising Together

Success Through Accountability

Our Group Fitness community is more than a selection of rooms filled with dumbbells, stability balls, Pilates rings, and Spinning bikes. The group fitness sub community within the Y is an all-inclusive fitness destination. Within a one-hour block of time, group fitness participants gain social inclusion, connect with like-minded individuals and increase overall well-being. These benefits are spearheaded by our team of passionate and knowledgeable Group Exercise Leaders (GELs). Many of us can get lost in the rush of the holiday season. Stay on track by connecting with the YMCA Group Exercise Leaders.

At the front of your Group Fitness class is your leader, motivator and guide of the hour. Full of energy, he or she may seem to lead with immortal power. But the truth is, they are people just like you! Group Exercise Leader Nina motivates from the heart and has a deep understanding of trial and triumph. Nina teaches a variety of classes including Kettlebell Amped and Friday’s Senior Fit class. Her journey teaching group fitness began with her quest for a healthier lifestyle. After months and months of determination and hard work, Nina lost 100 pounds. Nina continues to use her experience in weight loss as a source of inspiration and motivation for others.

Many GELs share similar stories which led them to their current role of being a Group Fitness Instructor. Their personal and professional experiences are part of what makes the group exercise program so unique. GELs experience the pressures of parenthood, professional aspirations and life challenges the same as our members. Like you, group fitness is an avenue that enables them to overcome barriers and obstacles that overwhelm the days of our lives. Group Ex leaders relate to you more than you may know.

You play a role in their success. Think of it like the Marvel Avengers - a loyal member with an advanced power that helps keep the fitness universe in order. Through your eyes, Group Ex leaders are invulnerable, like they have an advanced immunity to emotional or physical fatigue. From a professional point this is exactly how GELs are supposed to be. But these Fit Super Heroes have a secret weapon: YOU! Your presence is the driving force that enables them to be their best for that moment and beyond. It is an equal exchange of empowering gifts from one person to another.

Getting to know them may be the inspiration you need to keep you on the right track to achieving your fitness goals. Your stories inspire and motivate them just as much as the Group Exercise Leaders empower you. The simple act of introduction between you and the GEL develops a meaningful connection that transcends the group fitness environment, builds accountability, and grows your Y community, which enhances your overall group fitness experience. When you are held accountable, you are more than likely to keep coming, which increases your likelihood of success. Don’t forget that your Group Ex leader will be looking for you! As the year comes to an end, build a bond that will keep you on track. Get to know your GELs, and strengthen your Y connection and community.

Our Mission: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.