April Member Spotlight

Kawanna Joiner and Cunnica Caver have been members since August 2020. Both mothers and devout Christians, they work together at Corry Station at the CDC VPK. There they learned that they were cousins. Always looking out for the next person and always looking for a new goal, they both decided to start working out together keep each other motivated to finish their personal goals.

After having a heart attack at age 40, Kawanna decided to make a change. With her doctors not believing she could make the needed changes, she set out on a mission to prove that she could. She started with walking the steps at the Bluffs in May 2020. Then in July 2020, Kawanna and Cunnica decided to start working out together at Maritime Community Park. Soon, they made their way to the Bear Levin Studer Family YMCA.

Together, Kawanna and Cunnica are always finding challenges to tackle. They both credit Chris, one of our Wellness Coaches, for playing a part in their journey. With Chris’ help with proper form and technique, both ladies have noticed a changes in the way they look and the way they feel. They like seeing the improvements in stamina as well.


Started at 225, and is now at 221! She says her goal is 199.


Started at 223, and is now at 168!

Outside of the YMCA, you can find them at Painting with a Twist. They also enjoy checking out local businesses and health food stores for organic food and for detoxes.

How do they stay so focused? Kawanna says they keep giving themselves more challenges. Cunnica says her attitude is what keeps her coming back. She’s more joyful and happy. She also has a goal to run a marathon.

Our Mission: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.