January Program Corner

It is a new year. That means summer is right around the corner here in Florida. Take a moment to think of your family: Are you ready for summer? Time to be outside and near a pool, lake, and the beach. Are you ready? How many people in your family truly know how to swim? Luckily, the Y offers year-round swim lessons for all ages.

Our swim starters program starts as young as six months, helping your baby get comfortable in the water and build muscles to help your child develop. As your child develops, we give him the skills to start learning to swim. Beginning with age 3, we start by making the child feel comfortable in the water and teaching her how to swim. The first skills we emphasize in our program areswim, float, swim and jump, push, turn, grab. These two skills will help your child be safe in the water. Once your child has mastered these, we introduce strokes and building their endurance. We make our swim lessons safe and fun for your child to learn to swim.

Now that your child knows how to safely swim and be around water, the only person left is you. Are you able to help your child in the water if they get in trouble? We can help you with this goal. From beginners to advance swimmers, we have something for you. We have adult lessons to teach you how to swim and then build your strokes and endurance. Once you have those down, come join our Master Swim Program, which will give you a workout to continue improving your stroke and endurance.

You feel comfortable in the water, and now you’re looking for a new adventure? Come take a lifeguard class with the Y. At 16 or older, you can join the lifeguard class and learn lifesaving skills to help protect your family and others around you.

Remember that summer is always around the corner in Florida, and now is the time to get ready. Swimming takes time. It's not learned in one session. We look forward to getting you ready for the best summer yet.

Our Mission: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.